Monday, October 13, 2008

What a Hectic Weekend

This weekend seemed like I was in a cyclone. I had several projects that I needed to finish, plus a wedding that I had to assist my mother with.

First, on Friday I had to attend my bosses grandmother's funeral. I will have to say I've never met her, but from all the things people said about her, she was an awesome woman of God. I hope that I will have touched or helped somebody all this way. I will know that my living will not be in vain.

Anyway, Friday evening I had to get a funeral program approved for a member of my church, then go to the church and print them along with being there for a wedding rehearsal that my mom and I were coordinating on Sunday afternoon.

Everything was going fine until I ran out of ink and had to stop until I could get some more. I couldn't believe that we had run out. Satuday, I picked up the ink and went home to complete some thank cards and bookmarks for another project I was working on.

Sunday morning, I dropped my son off at my mother's so he could go to church with her. He sings in the choir and she's their director while I went to look for some frames for the candy buffet table we were having for the reception.

Ended up going to several places and found what I wanted. When I got back in my car, it wouldn't start. ....I didn't panic. I know that I'm growing, cause I used to freak out at the littlest things. I called my sister and told her to come and get me. I finally got back to the church finished the programs and helped my mom with the wedding. It was beautiful. My mom took me to where my car was and I tried to start it and thank God it did. I took it home and this morning I went and got a new battery.

Wow, what a weekend. I hope you had a great one.

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