Tuesday, September 30, 2008

A Lot of Time Has Passed


A lot of time has passed since I posted anything. There has been alot of things going on in life that has caused me not to write.

First, the question, what do I say. You really do have to be careful what you write on the net. You don't want your words to be taken the wrong way.

I visit several peoples websites everyday, my good friend Bettye Griffin, Gwyneth Bolton, Super Agent Kristin Nelson and last but certainly not least Patricia Woodside.
Each of these ladies always has something new and exciting to say or source for you to seek out.

There are several things I want to talk about and I believe in the coming months I will delve into them. I'm going to start today by talking about family.

I love my family and this past weekend my mother and I journey to Michigan to help my aunt and uncle celebrate their retirement. They both retired from their jobs and decided to celebrate together.

My father has a big family. There were 12 children in all. One child died at birth and then my father passed away in 1994. So now there are 11 children left. My father passed away even before his parents did. I hadn't realized the void it left not only in my life, but his parents and siblings as well. I don't care if they have a barbeque, there will be a picture of my father and my grandparents somewhere near.

My aunts were crazy about my dad and they always have a story to tell about him as well as repeating things that he said.

It doesn't usually bother me when we go to these family functions and they have a picture of him there, but this time it was different. My aunt included several of my family members who have since gone on to be with the Lord and she wanted my mother and I to light a candle that had been placed in front of my dad's picture. It really unnerved me for some reason. My mother however, lit the candle. Don't ask me why suddenly I felt sad, because it was however a joyous occasion. Maybe it was because my father didn't live long enough to retire or maybe it was just the overwhelming since of love the family had for him that got to me. Whatever the reason, I quickly rebounded and we had a ball.

I believe that family is a very important part of who we are. We lean on them in times of joy and sorrow. I love my family and am happy to be apart of them.