Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Writers and Blogs

When I decided to have a blog on my website, it wasn't because I thought I had so much to say. It was actually because most of the other writers had one. For a long time I didn't even post anything. I do believe that the blog for a writer should promote their work and works of others that they think readers will enjoy.

I have heard some other authors say that you shouldn't have a blog because people are watching and reading the posts.

I've found some wonderful blogs that offer helpful information on just about every subject. I've also found some blogs that beat down and tear up aspiring authors work, enthusiasm and the publishing industry as a whole.

That is not my goal here. I don't want this to be a place where I'm seen as bitter or scorned. I really want to share the good things in life and that's why I talk about family, my love for music and my work. I would write more about my work, but right now I'm still searching for a publisher and don't want to put false information out there.

I am going to find good topics to discuss and fun ways to do it. I do hope you will stay tuned.

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